Hope for love and happiness amid the trials and tribulations of relationships with this list.

An exclusive excerpt and audio clip from 'A Sin By Any Other Name' by Robert W. Lee.

The latest Southern fiction, short story collections and tales for spring.

With 'A Beautiful Corpse' out this month, former crime reporter Christi Daugherty is bringing to life the profession of investigative journalist through her Southern-set Harper McClain series.

This lowcountry read about a family struggling with their father's Alzheimer's diagnosis releases June 4.

'The Weight of a Piano,' though set into motion by a series of tragic circumstances, is anything but a tragedy.

An expatriate is someone disappointed by the American dream because she tries too hard to buy into it.

Carnival time in Steph Post's Texas means something entirely different from New Orleans.

Debut fiction, a Southern Gothic family saga and new novels by some Southern favorites.

What better gift is there than a book, and you'll also be supporting your local or independent bookstore.

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