Internet gambling is illegal, but social betting and horse racing are not.

Red beans and rice is as culturally rich a dish as it is flavorful. In fact, the recipe is so iconic that it has earned itself a statewide celebration.

Everything might be bigger in Texas, but McNairy is definitely one of the current kings of understated performances in Hollywood.

The online gambling market in the Southern U.S. is growing tremendously. Find out what states you can play in.

We all have the right to be comfortable in our own homes, but that comfort can come at a high cost, especially where electricity usage is concerned.

Every year, thousands who reside in the South opt to buy a classic home from a bygone era and bring it back to life.

The potential for winnings and social aspects make a day at the track an activity the whole family can enjoy.

It’s 1841. Two conmen trick a free black man from New York into leaving his home and family only to be sold into slavery in Louisiana for 12 grueling years. The movie "12 Years a Slave," based on the memoir of Solomon Northup, won a well-deserved Oscar, among 93 other awards. We can breathe a sigh of relief that things like that don't happen anymore, right? It was the 1840s, after all …Not so fast. Every year, 600,000 people go missing in the U.S. Tens of thousands never return. And around the world, 25 million people are forced to live and work in oppressive conditions. The sad fact is that slavery and the kinds of fraudulent, deceitful activity that perpetuate it, not only exist but have been honed to a fine art. As long as there are vulnerable people, there will be those who try to prosper from them. Vulnerable people doesn't necessarily mean people with challenging living situations. It might mean someone who doesn’t know the difference between a spammer and a scammer, why there is sometimes a padlock in the address bar or why you should never click a link in an email that looks suspicious. If you are

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Cannabis legalization is a hot topic across the United States, with some states fully legalizing cannabis, while others have only legalized limited use of the herb.