Since 1966, the Braves have thrilled and frustrated fans at three different ballparks in Atlanta.

A new exhibit at the Frist illuminates a culturally and historically rich— yet often overlooked—part of Nashville.

Take a look at some of the masterpieces created by Southern artists since the 1800s.

Since the mid-1980s, video games have created a massive following, but do they impede kids from going outside and trying other things?

You might not think knowing your ancestors matters much, but curiosity can get the better of you.

While Americans love football, it is a sport that confuses many Europeans.

Let’s keep it real, I received the Nobel Prize the day a menu item was named for one of my books.

Author Chris Smith celebrates okra from seed to stem in his first book.

Grilling food is one of the classic ways to spice up your BBQ in the summertime.

When it comes to early betting odds, NFL Super Bowl favorites and reigning champion the New England Patriots are the pre-season favorites.

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