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Large country homes, beautiful wraparound porches, tons of greenery, huge windows and high ceilings add to the charm of Southern design.

Midwife. Traiteuse. Voodoo priestess. Hoodoo woman. Witch. Julia Brown, who was born Julia Bernard, has been labeled all these things and was most likely actually none of them.

While the pandemic forced us all to slow things way down, it placed many more stressors on us and our families.

The Southern states not only give more bang for your buck in terms of the cost of living, but some people like the weather and other appealing features of Southern living.

Even with the prevalence of the Kentucky Derby, not all states allow gambling.

It depends on who you ask as to whether or not the Cowboys and Texans have a rivalry but, regardless of the answer, the truth is that both sets of fans want to outdo the other. With the new NFL season now in its infancy, let's look at who is best equipped to have a good season.

This famous brown liquor has become a part of American identity and embraced as an icon. Here's where to find the best brands.