You don’t even have to come from the South to adopt our hospitality, mentality and way of living.

While an increasing number of states have already fully decriminalized cannabis use, a number of Southern states have only legalized it for adult medical use.

While all literature is fundamentally interested in human relationships, what gives Southern authors the ability to stand out from the crowd is their innate interest in families and the wider communities in which we live.

Targeting millennials, virtual reality is big for the casino business.

For those who wish to write, either in an amateur capacity or professionally, it’s not always as simple as having a way with words.

Southern flowers are not only often part of a state's symbol, they’re also a part of our country's history.

Gambling has its pros and cons but isn't going away in the South.

Bubbly with fried chicken? Yes, please.

The four major parts to the “story corpse” start with the skeleton and guide the order in which one drafts and revises.

Where better to uncover the warm, nostalgic embrace of Christmases gone by than in the pages of Truman Capote’s short story "A Christmas Memory"?