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In recent years, many movie and TV productions have set up outside of California in fair climate Southern states. But where exactly is the Hollywood of the South?

With ghosts ranging from chamber maids to a Civil War general, Jesse James and a widow waiting for her lover, the South has no shortage of haunted hotels. Are you brave enough to spend the night?

Winding down the River Road just outside of New Orleans, Louisiana's plantations offer a captivating journey back in time and have become a favorite filming spot for Hollywood South.

The female house spider, of the south, of my grandfather’s house, seldom moves except to secure her prey

A guest post by Alabama paranormal investigator Faith Serafin.

by William Miller Up and down the main street of Dover someone is driving a green hearse with tinted windows

Georgia folktale about a man who suspects that his beautiful new bride might be a witch – the Boo Hag.

Nobody does Southern grotesque better than Georgia author Flannery O'Connor. Characters with missing limbs, mysterious bulges, wooden legs and faces blue with acne. Her stories are a never-ending freak show

If you're a fan of Halloween itself, then you're probably a fan of John Carpenter's 1978 movie by the same name. The Michael Myers house from the movie is located in Pasadena, California, but thanks to a North Carolina couple Southerners now have access to a replica of the house of horrors.

Looking for a spooky Southern read for the crisp October nights leading up to Halloween? These stories are sure to make you think twice about things that go bump in the night.