David Joy's third novel, 'The Line That Held Us,' explores the brutal ripple effect of decision making, especially when it comes to those you love the most.

Author and journalist Tyler Gillespie talks about his new book 'Florida Man: Poems,' a collection that exposes the weird yet vibrant heart of the Sunshine State.

With immigration politics so deeply entrenched in modern headlines, 'Border Child' is a more timely read than ever.

Set in the land of Mark Twain, author Melissa Scholes Young's debut novel 'FLOOD' combines the best of summertime with the power of a good story.

Author Hannah Pittard talks about her new book 'Visible Empire,' a fictional retelling that explores the dichotomy of Atlanta's greatest tragedy. 

Emily Carpenter talks about her new book 'Every Single Secret,' an "unabashed love letter to Emily Brontë" that explores the line between love and obsession. 

An interview with Jessica Hooten Wilson about her new book 'Reading Walker Percy's Novels,' a companion guide to the intellectual Southern writer. 

An interview with Peggy L. Fox, Tennessee Williams’ last editor, about the craft of editing, working with the playwright and managing his literary legacy.

Local legends, magical realism and the search for a missing child make up Tiffany Quay Tyson's second novel set in the Mississippi Delta. 

Michael Farris Smith talks about his latest book, 'The Fighter,' and why it's sparking such strong emotions in readers. 

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