Moon landing anniversary events are taking place this weekend across the South and especially in Alabama's Rocket City.

An impromptu trip to the Georgia island led to the West Virginia-born author relocating and writing her first book there.

Let’s keep it real, I received the Nobel Prize the day a menu item was named for one of my books.

Author Deb Spera on the female inspirations behind her debut novel 'Call Your Daughter Home' and the Southern writers who influenced her.

A review of the late Tony Horwitz's final book, a travelogue across the South.

An essay about a lifelong love of dogs and the realities of aging by Jayne Moore Waldrop.

A review of Kim Michele Richardson's 'The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek.'

Author Chris Smith celebrates okra from seed to stem in his first book.

A story about the sensations of family history by the author of 'American Pop.'

Set amidst the racial tensions of 1960s America, 'One Night in Georgia' is a beautifully woven commentary on race in America.

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