Whether it be renting a car or paying an extra fee, it's best to be prepared before spending unnecessary cash traveling the South.

Lovers of history, literature, music and food will feel at home in this part of the country.

A museum in the North Georgia Mountains explores the reality of Bigfoot through evidence, artifacts and factual accounts.

Fishing in the South can be wildly successful for many anglers, as warmer waters mean fish are more aggressive and likely to bite.

Digital guides exist to help visitors who want to genuinely experience Atlanta and beyond.

While it's tempting to go into hibernation when temperatures drop, you've got much more to gain by getting outdoors.

Tickets are on sale now and going fast for Nov. 7-9.

Summer might be winding down, but one of the biggest weekends of the season is still on the horizon.

This list is for not only the tourist, but also the investigator, discoverer and pioneer.

Three of the best trails for thrill and adventure.

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