Moon landing anniversary events are taking place this weekend across the South and especially in Alabama's Rocket City.

Each state has something unique to offer in the way of attractions, lodging, restaurants and natural beauty.

An impromptu trip to the Georgia island led to the West Virginia-born author relocating and writing her first book there.

You'll feel like you've traveled to the ends of the earth at these exciting locations in Florida, Alabama and Texas.

The capital of Georgia, Atlanta is also the birthplace of Martin Luther King Jr. and offers various attractions.

Florida has every type of water experience on offer and is enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

With the hot weather the South is known for, getting out on the water is a must for beating the heat.

Find a rare edition or discover a new author at these independent bookstores.

The literary capital of Alabama pays homage to its hometown writers with a new sculpture trail through downtown Monroeville.

Gambling by the beach is a desired pasttime that could be even more profitable.

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