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On May 20, our good friend Anna Kline in the Mississippi Film office sent out an email about her new song, "Flood Waters." Anna writes the Grits & Soul blog and is the founder and lead singer of a band by the same name. She says the song's lyrics came to her at work one day, so she immediately recorded a rough version of the song into her phone and brought it to band practice in her living room the next day. Her band recorded the song and within a matter of hours, it made its way to Jackson's local news station. Less than a week later, "Flood Waters" was on the air. (Scroll down to listen.) With a chorus that goes: "Ebb and flow, them flood waters creep up slow. The tide it turns, but this got nowhere to go," it's obvious Kline was inspired by the uncertainty of rising flood waters from the Mississippi River recently. Plenty of other Southerners shared her concern, and the song resonated. It's since been played on the air in Memphis, Baton Rouge and caught the interest of CNN. Kline describes the song as having a "bluesy twinge" and says the Grits & Soul band is roots-based,

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