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A Georgia football star turned musician moves to Nashville and runs on sunshine.  Growing up in Loganville, Georgia, Jon Langston thought he would be playing football for the rest of his life, and until his junior year of college at Gardner-Webb University, it seemed that way. After a couple of concussions, the doctors recommended he stop playing as to not risk permanent damage. That’s when Langston decided to pick up the guitar again. “I had just beginner’s lessons while I was in eighth grade but nothing further,” Langston says. “I had a cheap acoustic guitar I even thought about selling, but when I went to the pawn shop it was closed for the day.” With his newfound free time off the football field, Langston decided to learn songs and write his own music. He started by playing them for friends and posting them on social media sites like YouTube. When the songs got good feedback, Langston reached out to Josh Manuel at Century Studios in Atlanta. Together, they recorded and released three songs. “I immediately started getting calls for opening gigs for people like Chase Rice and played at bars and fraternity events, and it really started to take off from there,” Langston says. The first gig

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