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by Erin Z. Bass The current issue of Bon Appetit magazine lists the best new cocktail bars across the country, and Southern cities New Orleans, Nashville and Houston get a mention as taking part in the cocktail revolution. Defined by BA as "nattily dressed bartenders, pre-Prohibition-era settings, and fresh ingredients," this is not just a fleeting trend. "It's never been easier to get a well-prepared Manhattan, Old-Fashioned, or other classic in just about every American city," writer Andrew Knowlton concludes. In Nashville, the Patterson House is a bit swankier than a lot of the city's honky tonk bars. Reviews on Yelp all point to the Bacon Old-Fashioned as the drink of choice, but this bar also serves up Pimms Cups, whiskey-based Carpetbaggers and Tequila Mockingbirds on Music Row. Anvil Bar & Refuge on Westheimer in Houston is noted for its creativity and classics. Ginger beer and bitters are made in-house, and there's a list of "100 Drinks Everyone Should Try at Least Once." You can bet the Sazerac, Manhattan, Gin Sour and Singapore Sling are on it. Cure in New Orleans is described as an "uptown watering hole a bit more sophisticated than most bars in the Crescent City." With a cocktail menu

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