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Yesterday, "American Horror Story" creator Ryan Murphy tweeted the news fans of the show have been waiting for: the title and premise of season 4. His image of a logo that reads "Freak Show" led to more news revealed — all good for the South. A spokesman for 20th Century Fox confirmed the show will be filmed in New Orleans again, after the city played perfect host to "Coven" and its stars last season. But while AHS will be shot in New Orleans, which has plenty of freaks of its own, the show will be set in another Southern state. No offense here, but Florida may be the freak mecca — just read the #ohflorida hashtag for headlines coming out of the state — and Murphy and co. have chosen the town of Jupiter for their freak show. The year will be 1950 and the premise a carnival theme with Jessica Lange returning to play a German expatriate managing a fading freak show. (Sounds like a Karen Russell novel, right?) Most of the other stars from "Coven" are also returning, including Kathy Bates, Sara Paulson, Evan Peters, Angela Bassett and Francis Conroy. No mention of Taissa Farmiga yet. She was underused as

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