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For costume ideas from down South, click here. Click the link below to hear a ghost story from Thomasville, Alabama, resident and noted storyteller Linda Vice, who believes spirits protect us and the places they love. To hear more ghost stories from the state, visit their Ghost Trail channel on YouTube. Linda Ghost Story There's A Ghost In My Room As told by New Orleans' Hotel Monteleone Phyllis Paulsen, a successful financial planner from California, has always had an extra sense about ghosts. "I've had this eerie ability to see ghosts since I was a young child," she explains. So it wasn't a surprise that when Mrs. Paulsen checked into her suite on the 14th floor of Hotel Monteleone that she had a visitor. The historic hotel, founded in 1886 and owned by the fourth generation of the Monteleone family, has often heard ghost stories from guests, especially on the 14th floor (actually the 13th floor). "I was just relaxing in bed one morning when I looked up to see a young boy about 3 years old walk by the foot of my bed," Mrs. Paulsen vividly recalls. "Since he had come from the sitting room, I immediately got up to see if the door was open and to check if a parent

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