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The upcoming Academy Awards on March 2 are equivalent to the Super Bowl in our book and a great chance to throw a viewing party. The South is well represented this year in "12 Years a Slave" and "Dallas Buyer's Club," with Texan Matthew McConaughey the darling of this year's awards and Louisiana-born Jared Leto not far behind. Their performances in "Dallas Buyer's Club" are some of the most memorable. Kentucky gal Jennifer Lawrence also stole the show in "American Hustle," which has an excellent chance of picking up Best Picture. And let's not forget "The Great Gatsby," which didn't perform as expected but did dazzle with costumes and music. COCKTAILS The Mint Julep - "The Great Gatsby" may not have lived up to all the hype last spring, but it got an Oscar nod for costume and production design. Celebrate the movie on Sunday night with a classic cocktail whose silver serving vessel would fit right in with all the glitz and glam. Bourbon Milk Punch - In another nod to Gatsby, this New Orleans favorite is perfect for a late-night or early morning party and could also be served in a punchbowl to satiate a crowd. Blackberry Sidecar - The juice from

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