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by Erin Z. Bass Kicking off National Travel and Tourism Week, the state of Mississippi made two exciting announcements on Monday. On site at the Mississippi Farmers Market in Jackson, Gov. Haley Barbour unveiled the Mississippi Culinary Trail and the Mississippi Agri Tours Trail. A culinary trail in the state known for barbecue and tamales is a no-brainer, so we expect tourists to jump on this immediately. Divided by region - Hills, Delta, Pines, Capital River and Coastal - the trail includes everything from groceries to drive-ins, juke joints to bakeries. A little bit of history, other notable attractions, like the World's Largest Rocking Chair, and even food festivals are also included for each region. Taking advantage of the current interest in agri-tourism and eating local, Mississippi's Agri Tours Trail tells "the story of culture created by agriculture." Including a diversity of farms, plantations, old country stores, pottery studios, pumpkin patches, pecan orchards and more, these trails showcase a leading resource in the state's economy.

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