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The South is known for a lot of things: history, music, hospitality. A great way for visitors to experience all these things and more is through the region’s wealth of outstanding museums. Here are five unique, fun, educational and awe-inspiring museums every Southbound tourist should visit at least once. Birmingham Museum of Art The Birmingham Museum of Art is considered to be one of the best art museums in Southeastern America. Here, you can find thousands of pieces of art ranging across dozens of different time periods. Art featured at the Birmingham Museum of Art includes paintings, sculptures and decorative arts from countries all over the globe. There’s something for everyone here, whether your interest lies with B.C. artifacts, Baroque paintings or contemporary art. An added bonus to taking a trip to the Birmingham Museum of Art is that admission is free, so you can go as often as you’d like. Hidden River Cave & American Cave Museum Mammoth Cave courtesy of www.kentuckytourism.com. For those less interested in looking at exhibits and more interested in going on a bonafide adventure, Hidden River Cave & American Cave Museum in Horse Cave Kentucky has much to offer. Visitors can take a Discovery Channel-featured tour over 100 feet below

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