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by Erin Z. Bass Today is day three at Orange Beach, and I'm so glad we didn't cancel this trip. The water is getting clearer and bluer by the day and is the perfect temperature of cool and refreshing. No signs or smell of oil. Just a trio of stingrays in the water today and the smell of saltwater and sunscreen under our beach tent. Lots of shells are washing up on the beach and with the amount of broken sand dollars we've seen, I have to wonder if there's a stash of whole ones out there on a sandbar somewhere. The family on the beach next to us has a sailboat, so our ocean view includes bright sails bobbing in the water. Yesterday, we visited the North Shore Grill & Deli (home of the Big Kahuna Burger, which I'll have to try later in the week) in San Roc Cay for the free wifi. I ordered a pina colada smoothie, and it was the best I've ever had. Blended with real coconut, this drink would be dangerous with actual rum in it. Today, we're at Orange Beach Public Library using the wifi and I've picked up a copy of local author

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