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Since we've gotten on the bandwagon and deemed 2011 the "Year of Pimento Cheese," we'll periodically be updating y'all on recipes, mentions and happenings surrounding the South's favorite cheese spread. And with filming beginning for the Kickstarter-funded film, "Pimento Cheese, Please," we predict no shortage of news. Here's what's been happening in the cheese world lately: The Jello Mold Mistress of Brooklyn, Victoria Belanger, whipped up a Pimento Cheese Jello Mold for a Southern-themed dinner party recently. See the photo here.   Atlanta's Tim The Cheese Man explores how pimento cheese got to the South in the first place, whether Georgia was once the "Pimento Capital"  and how the spread made its way inside the gates at the Master's in a blog post.   We made Runaway Spoon's pimento cheese biscuits for our book club meeting last month, and they were a hit!   We discovered the blog, "Pimento Cheese, Please" - not to be confused with the movie - which of course has a recipe for its version of Pimento Cheese (pictured above), as well as lots of other yummy, Southern stuff.   Blogger Laurel Mills tweeted about eating bacon pimento mac 'n' cheese for lunch last week at Carlisle Drugs in Alexander City, Alabama. We promise we're working

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