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The Southern pound cake. The delightful, scrumptious and downright sinful combination of moist, buttery goodness in every bite. There is yet to be another cake similar to the pound cake, particularly the Southern pound cake. Traditionally, a pound cake consists of a pound each of butter, flour, sugar and eggs (hence why it is called a "pound" cake). Believed to originate in northern Europe in the early 1700s, the pound cake has taken on different forms based on geography. For example, the British refer to it as a "sponge cake," which usually consists of equal parts butter, self-rising flour, sugar and eggs, and a hint of vanilla for a richer taste. The French use their ingredients in quarts, rather than pounds, and call the dessert "quatre-quarts." The Mexican version of the pound cake, called a panque, is similar to the Southern pound cake, but raisins and nuts are commonly used to vary the flavor. No matter where you find it, the pound cake is a particularly rich cake in many countries, yet the Southern version is most popular in terms of flavor. The recipe for Southern pound cake is also one that's been argued for decades. Many home cooks and professional chefs

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