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by Erin Z. Bass Friday night's weekly Downtown Alive! music performance in Lafayette, Louisiana, included a few movie star guests on May 28. The band was The Givers, who are quickly making their way to the forefront of the local music scene and are currently in talks for a record deal. As word spread that Scarlett Johansson and her husband, fellow actor Ryan Reynolds, were in the crowd, so did the rumors about why they were there. She wants to record the band on her own label, direct a music video for them, the band is friends with Reynolds' personal assistant. I can't find any evidence of a record label, so the friend angle and possibility the couple was in the area to view the oil spill are more likely. Also released today is the news that Johansson and Reynolds have purchased a farmhouse and barn in Louisiana. The Daily Mail reports that the two-story wood and brick home with mint-green trim is fairly small and comes with a rusty barn and lots of yard. Reynolds is filming the movie, Green Lantern, in New Orleans. Based on a DC comic book, the film is an action/sci-fi flick about a group of intergalactic

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