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by Erin Z. Bass Nothing says Deep South quite like a pink flamingo in the front yard, but now even the fanciest of homes can feel good about their outdoor ornaments. Danielle Bacque of Pink Flamingos in South Louisiana has literally turned the plastic birds into works of art with a little paint and embellishment. Without a scrap of pink in sight, her birds are decorated to resemble chili peppers, ladybugs, rhinestone cowgirls, Mardi Gras, watermelons, alligators and more. She's even taken inspiration from the masters, with the Van Gogh Sunflower, Pollock and Monet's Water Color flamingos. And OK, we lied, there is a "Pretty in Pink" bird adorned with feathers. Bacque got the idea for her funky birds from a fundraiser she headed up as director of the Memory Walk for the Alzheimer's Association. Flocks of flamingos would be placed around town at businesses, who were said to have been "flocked" and asked for a donation to remove them. They could then choose the next place the birds would travel, keeping them on the move for the cause. Bacque no longer works with the organization, but does offer flamingo fundraiser packages on the Funky Flamingos website. She also takes requests for designs

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