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Halloween is coming soon. What are you going to be? Sweet Potato Queen - Her highness Jill Conner Browne's SPQ store on the Sweet Potato Queens website sells her signature red wig, queenly shades, rhinestone-encrusted baseball cap or crown, a variety of t-shirts and even a bling mug, all guaranteed to make your butt look smaller and instantly transform you into a queen. (For the guy lucky enough to get a date with a queen for the evening, there's the "Gen-u-wine Spud Stud" t-shirt.) True Blood Character - HBO's hit vampire series "True Blood," set in Bon Temps, Louisiana, has its own apparel, so you can get Vampire Bill's trademark thermal henley, the Merlotte's waitress tee and apron, Jason's varsity jacket or a complete Sookie outfit. Add in a bottle of "Tru-Blood" and a few bite marks, and you're ready to go. Scarlett O'Hara - Unless you're prepared to spend a pretty penny on this costume, you may want to take a nod from Scarlett herself and rip down some curtains, but we did find a costume shop in New Hampshire that will ship out several different gowns for rental. They've got a couple versions of the green curtain dress, plus Scarlett's

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