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Last month, we got an email from author Jackie Garvin. She wrote: "If the name of my blog, Syrup and Biscuits, doesn't give it away, my accents, stories and recipes will attest to the fact that 'I'm Southern by the grace of God.'  Any project that elevates our Southern traditions, heritage and food is of interest to me." Doesn't get much more Southern than that! Jackie also has a post titled "Syrup and Biscuits on Syrup and Biscuits" that explains why she chose the name for her blog and includes a recipe, of course. Read her post below, "like" Syrup and Biscuits on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter @syrupnbiscuits. "Syrup and Biscuits" on Syrup and Biscuits by Jackie Garvin posted on April 25 My granddaddy ate syrup and biscuits almost every morning of his life that lasted for 90 wonderful years. Cane syrup was his favorite. He’d sop up the thick, rich, dark amber liquid with a hot biscuit and  declare, “That Top O’ The World sirp sho’ is good.” Early in my life, I had the notion that syrup and biscuits represented something very good. That’s exactly what I want “Syrup and Biscuits” to represent. Goodness. Just simple, honest, unpretentious goodness. Some of my earliest

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