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Shirley Ann Grau interviewed by Erin Z. Bass October 22, 2103 Metairie Country Club Metairie, New Orleans SAG: What do you want to talk about? EZB: I thought we could start with The House on Coliseum Street and what the reception was at the time and how that’s changed over the years. You mentioned in an email that people were rediscovering it.  SAG: That’s one of those open-road publications in the e-book series, which is doing surprisingly well, even though I can’t play them. I finish a book, doors close, it’s gone, you never think of it again, but of course people were not as combative in those days. Though abortion was always a sticky wicket to get past, nothing was said. When Keepers came out, the field had turned much more aggressive. I had a cross in my backyard, I had all sorts of threats and I’d had some heated exchanges with semi-literate gentlemen. It was heated, but everything that happens to me is funny. The night they decided they would burn the cross, mid-summer, it’s a wire construction so it’s something that burns. It was a hot summer, I was away, my grass hadn’t turned on its sprinkler. The ground was as hard

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