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by Erin Z. Bass Deep South spent Halloween weekend in St. Francisville, Louisiana, a land of rolling hills, crepe myrtles, beautiful plantations and a few lingering spirits about 20 minutes from Baton Rouge. Those of you who followed our trip via Facebook and Twitter know we didn't actually see any ghosts, but I made sure to take lots of pictures during our tour of The Myrtles Plantation (one of America's most haunted homes) as well as our stay at The Cottage Plantation down the road. Back home, going through all of the photos, I found two that may have captured some sort of spirit. (All the photos will be up on Flickr later today.) Take a look and tell me what y'all see! This photo was take at The Myrtles Plantation, which dates back to 1796 and is believed to house 12 ghosts. The most well known is Chloe, a slave who baked a poisonous birthday cake that killed the mistress of the home and her two daughters. Chloe was supposedly hanged after the incident. Another ghost is reported to be that of a young girl with blonde hair, about 9 years old, who is trapped in the front hall mirror after

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