Southern Voice

Deep South Magazine is committed to being a forum for Southern writers and showcasing Southern literature. We accept submissions of original fiction, nonfiction, poetry, short stories and short shorts.

We are working with Poet Laureate of Louisiana Darrell Bourque to partner with colleges and universities across the Deep South so that we can give their students and professors a venue for their work. The Deep South has a rich history in literature thanks to writers like Eudora Welty, Truman Capote and more recently Rebecca Wells and Tim Gautreaux. We aim to help the next generation of Southern writers find their voice. Read submitted selections below, and to submit your own work, e-mail [email protected].

Submission Guidelines

Deep South Magazine accepts original fiction, short stories and shorts, nonfiction and poetry. We do reserve the right to edit submitted works for length and clarity if necessary. Due to the volume of submissions we are receiving, please allow at least three months for response time.

1. All submissions must have a Southern connection, whether the author lives in the South, used to live in the South, has family in the South or was inspired by a visit to the region.

2. Submissions can be mailed or emailed to the address below and must be clearly typed and in Microsoft Word format when sent electronically.

Deep South Magazine
Attn: Erin
203 Iris Lane
Lafayette, LA 70506
[email protected]

3. If the writer would like their material returned, a self-addressed, stamped envelope with correct postage must be included. We suggest that a copy, not the original manuscript, be sent as Deep South is not responsible for lost works.

4. Submissions must include the name of the author and a short bio about their background and work. If the work has been published elsewhere, the writer must disclose this information.

5. Poetry submissions can be up to five poems of any length. Fiction, short stories and nonfiction are limited to one work at a time and may not be longer than 3,500 words (can be an excerpt from a longer work).

6. Deep South reserves the right to reject any submission and does not accept pornography or works that do not meet the standards of the editorial quality of our magazine.

Deep South does not currently offer compensation for submitted works. For that reason, we do accept previously published works and don’t put restrictions on future publishing of works that have been published with us.