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How to Write a Thesis When You’re Short on Time

Writing a thesis paper is a time-consuming and tiresome process. Before you start reading this article, keep in mind: it all depends on how much time you have to write a thesis. If you want to complete a paper in a couple of days, it is impossible. Well, it is possible when you buy a thesis paper from writing companies. They specialize in writing academic papers, so regardless of the due date and instructions, they can complete your assignment. However, if you can dedicate, let’s say, more than two weeks, we can assure you—it is possible to write a thesis paper. Here’s a clear picture of how to complete your assignment.

Be Down to Earth

If you want to complete your thesis in a week or two, forget about a unique topic. It will require lots of time just to carry out research, to say nothing of writing even the first draft. It doesn’t mean that your topic can’t be original. Even if you write about a similar topic that you can stumble upon on the Internet, you will still depict information from a different angle.

Simply put, try to follow these aspects every time you aspire to conduct colossal research:

  • Your topic, even though it is not original and you can find dozens of articles written on these subjects, can still be unparalleled in various terms.
  • Lacking time, don’t even try to delve into something that doesn’t have enough resources. Meaning you will spend weeks just finding relevant and, most importantly, scholarly sources you can rely on throughout your writing process.
  • Focus more on your unique style, not the topic. This will get you much more credit if you succeed.

No matter whether you write your B.A. or M.A. thesis, you won’t be published anywhere. These two degrees are more important when it comes to critical thinking and decision making.

Do Away With Perfectionism

Indeed, everyone wants his/her thesis to be the best. Rushing to get a top-notch paper, you can miss the deadline. Besides, your thesis may never be finished. If you want to get a flawless paper, know that you will have to revise over and over. You would be better off writing your ideas right after they come to your mind and designing an outline. Then you can send it to your supervisor for evaluation. If it’s good, keep writing. If not, you’ll have saved much more time than mulling over your first (and only) version.

Focus On a Result

If you’re stuck with writing your main assignment, motivate yourself. No, it doesn’t mean that you have to write your thesis asap. However, it is essential to have your first draft and acknowledge things you need to revise/rewrite/edit. You will see that no matter how “bad” it might be, you will be blissfully happy to know that you have already written at least something.

Considering the length of a thesis paper, you don’t have to write, let’s say, 50 pages of pure content before editing. Split your work into chapters (obviously, under no circumstances will you write a text without dividing it), and write a draft of the first chapter. They don’t have to be long, but these drafts will let you see the conclusion of your statement. As a result, you will have an understanding of which part of your written discourse needs to be rewritten, narrowed down or even cut out.

Use Helpful Tools

It goes without saying that your work needs to be polished to look impeccable and compelling. Imagine if your work has several typos and misspellings, not to mention grammatical errors. No matter how good your content is, these mistakes ensure you won’t get the highest grade. To prevent this painful issue, seek some assistance.

Grammarly. Consider using this marvelous application. It has two versions, and one of them is entirely free of charge. Grammarly’s primary aim is to correct your spelling, help you rephrase sentences to make them more readable and provide you with word suggestions to eliminate any repetitions. We would recommend you use this app to complete any assignment, as it can immensely boost your GPA.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary. Even though Grammarly may provide you with synonyms to repetitive words, this dictionary is a real no-brainer. You can find synonyms for every English word, acknowledge their meaning and even look at sentences where they are present. Aside from synonyms, you may well spot that the words are divided into different parts of speech. In case you are a non-native English speaker, this feature will alleviate your struggles with finding the syntactically correct word.

Bring Your Thesis Everywhere You Go

Don’t bury yourself in your books, sources and thesis. No, we don’t mean that you have to forfeit your free time to write a thesis. The point is to take a notebook with you and while having free time, jot down some vital things you think would be essential to include in the paper. For instance, while eating lunch, waiting for the bus or similar situations, read or even write something related to your thesis. It will help to know the subject inside out.

To write a thesis paper with a tight deadline is attainable. If you are ready to complete it, using the mnemonics, as mentioned above, will help you finish your paper before the due date. Simplifying your topic, writing drafts and employing useful tools will increase your chances of completing the task on time. Don’t procrastinate, focus on the result, and you will see that even the most complicated thesis can be completed.

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