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Mardi Gras Monday!

There’s only one more Monday until Fat Tuesday, y’all, and we’ve got so much more to tell you about. Today we’re focusing on the K’s of Mardi Gras: King Cakes and Krewes. While King Cakes are quite plentiful in South Louisiana, we know those of you in other states may not see them stacked up at the grocery store. Don’t fret. Many bakeries, like Ambrosia in Baton Rouge, Keller’s in Lafayette and Randazzo’s in New Orleans, ship all over the country. Or you can bake your own cake. Last year, we used Tina’s Cajun Creations’ “King Cake Mix,” which comes complete with a baby, icing mix and purple, green and gold sugars, as well as instructions for making the cake in a bread machine. New Orleans Chef John Besh also has a recipe you can try at home.

Now, for the attire, because you’ll need something to wear when you serve that King Cake! Check out Cypress Tees’ “I Got the Baby!” shirts and rompers. Adult and kids’ shirts come in dark heather gray with a purple, green and gold design of a cake and baby, and rompers for ages 6-24 months are available in white. Full disclosure: Cypress Tees is a social media advertiser on Deep South with a mission to share the spirit of Acadiana with y’all one shirt at a time. Their team is pictured wearing the shirts below, and we’d appreciate your liking them on Facebook and following them on Twitter @cypresstees.

Lastly, the reason we make King Cakes in the first place: to honor Rex, the king of carnival. Around the South, Mardi Gras krewes still name a king and queen today, and they’re treated as royalty throughout the season. New Orleans blogger Ryan Waldron of Seersucker and Sazeracs is breaking Mardi Gras down krewe by krewe this year and detailing what makes each of the Big Easy’s groups unique.

Stay tuned for our final Mardi Gras Monday on Lundi Gras March 7, and to learn more about carnival season, here are some links to our past stories. We’ll also be announcing a special Mardi Gras giveaway here on Wednesday!

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