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Get JJ Grey's New Album

This River,” the new album by Florida band JJ Grey & Mofro, hit stores last week and is streaming on Spotify now. The band’s sixth studio album since their 2001 debut “Blackwater,” this one opens with the song Your Lady, She’s Shady. Other songs, including Tame a Wild One and 99 Shades of Crazy, may suggest a theme here, but fans can rest assured that the band’s signature, swampy sound prevails. There’s also the song Florabama and title song This River, named for St. John’s River near Grey’s hometown of Jacksonville, that prove he doesn’t stray far from home.

“I guess I’ve never really believed that there is an environment that’s separate from me,” Grey is quoted as saying on his website. “I reckon that my connection to the environment, which I could call my home, is part of the connection to myself. I believe that whatever I do to my home and everything in it, I in-turn do to myself.”

“This River” is available on iTunes. Stay tuned for a full review and recap of a recent JJ Grey & Mofro live show by music writer Todd Powers next week.

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