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Cover Reveal for Donna Everhart’s ‘The Road to Bittersweet’

I’m so excited to share the cover for my second novel titled THE ROAD TO BITTERSWEET, a coming of age story set in 1940 in the North Carolina Appalachian Mountains and hill country of South Carolina. Honestly, there is so much to love about this cover the talented art department at Kensington Publishing created. One of the first things I noticed were the contrasting elements, which are perfect for the story. The bare feet and delicate wildflowers depict my young protagonist’s simple way of life, a sensible, down to earth existence, while, on the other hand, the weathered, rough-hewn floorboards hint at her environment, which is rugged, windswept and sometimes harsh. I also love the white dress, because it reflects her youth and innocence juxtaposed against the aged porch boards, lending the impression of endurance, durability and maturity—all very symbolic and relative to my character’s journey.

A new cover is an especially thrilling part of the publication process for authors, and I’m over the moon with this one. I hope my readers are too. THE ROAD TO BITTERSWEET by Donna Everhart will be published December 26, 2017. Pre-order your copy here. – Donna Everhart 




Set in the Carolinas in the 1940s, The Road to Bittersweet is a beautifully written, evocative account of a young woman reckoning not just with the unforgiving landscape, but with the rocky emotional terrain that leads from innocence to wisdom.

For 14-year-old Wallis Ann Stamper and her family, life in the Appalachian Mountains is simple and satisfying, though not for the tenderhearted. While her older sister, Laci—a mute, musically gifted savant—is constantly watched over and protected, Wallis Ann is as practical and sturdy as her name. When the Tuckasegee River bursts its banks, forcing them to flee in the middle of the night, those qualities save her life. But though her family is eventually reunited, the tragedy opens Wallis Ann’s eyes to a world beyond the creek that’s borne their name for generations.

Carrying what’s left of their possessions, the Stampers begin another perilous journey from their ruined home to the hill country of South Carolina. Wallis Ann’s blossoming friendship with Clayton, a high diving performer for a traveling show, sparks a new opportunity, and the family joins as a singing group. But Clayton’s attention to Laci drives a wedge between the two sisters. As jealousy and betrayal threaten to accomplish what hardship never could—divide the family for good—Wallis Ann makes a decision that will transform them all in unforeseeable ways.



Donna Everhart is the USA Today bestselling author of The Education of Dixie Dupree and The Road to Bittersweet. She grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, and has lived close to her hometown for most of her life. For several years she worked for high tech companies, specializing in project management and product introduction. She lives in Dunn, North Carolina, with her husband, and a tiny, heart-stealing Yorkshire terrier named Mister. Readers can visit her website to learn more.


The Road to Bittersweet cover by Kensington Publishing; Donna Everhart photo by Gina Warren Photography. 

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  • Jeannine Mallory / March 17, 2017

    Donna Everhart’s “Education of Dixie Dupree” was the best book I read in 2016. Based on the cover and description of her next novel, I know it will be just as marvelous to read.

    • Donna Everhart / March 29, 2017

      Thank you Jeannine! I hope you’ll fall in love with Wallis Ann like you did Dixie!

  • Margie Shaw / March 17, 2017

    I think the cover is absolutely beautiful. It makes me think of my childhood days. I’m really looking forward to reading this but December is so far away. Oh well, if its as good as Dixie Dupree, then it will be worth it. As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait!

    • Donna Everhart / March 29, 2017

      Thank you, Margie – I used to go barefoot all the time growing up, and so that’s the part of it that really resonates with me! (thank you for reading Dixie Dupree!)

  • Beth Carpenter / March 17, 2017


  • Kitty Myers / March 17, 2017

    I love the cover. There’s nothing like dotted Swiss to evoke the innocence of childhood.

  • Heather Adams / March 17, 2017

    Yay Donna – this cover looks terrific! Cheers from your fellow NC writer and Yorkie fan! 🙂

  • John / March 20, 2017

    Dixie Dupree stole me away. Couldn’t get enough of it. In fact, I read it too fast. This cover reminds me of Dixie, but with a look all its own. I don’t usually read this genre, but I fear Everhart has made me a convert. When do we get our hands (and eyes!) on The Road to Bittersweet?

    • Erin Z. Bass / March 20, 2017

      Unfortunately Bittersweet doesn’t come out until December. We’ll all just have to wait patiently I guess.

      • Donna Everhart / March 29, 2017

        Erin, thank you so much for allowing me to reveal the cover of my next book with Deep South Magazine – it’s the perfect vehicle for a story such as this, and very much appreciated.

    • Donna Everhart / March 29, 2017

      Thank you muchly, John (MS) Frain! I hope I have converted you – if not, I’ll keep writing until I do – how’s that?