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A Pair of Poems By Marty Weil

Asheville Dance

Girls with empty milk pails do a lively waltz along Biltmore Avenue
to music set in duple time
like Shindig performers on Bascom’s Stage.
Couples no longer dance the minuet or the écossaise
but the music lingers on in 2/4 time …
Weber’s early works consist of Variations and Valses
all of which Ms. Lunsford plays in a vestibule
on Haywood Street with a light touch
and a dancing lilt.


Leaf Season, Asheville

Thomas Wolfe’s grave wild with leaves on October evenings
as my apple-moyse bubbles — sugar and safrone
allspice warms the nose.
In the mortar this tart well-loved pottage pours.
Julia’s boarders at 48 Spruce
spread the thick, smooth paste
on fennel sausage and biscuits.
The pulp of the summer fruit
sweetened and ready for use.
I hear Tom now:
“Then summer fades
and passes …
We’ll smell smoke then
and feel an unexpected sharpness
a thrill of nervousness
swift elation a sense of sadness
and departure.”

Marty Weil lives in Asheville, North Carolina. His poetry is rooted in historical realities, and he says he writes poetry to highlight the importance of little histories, to help process and embrace our fragile, fleeting, and beautiful lives, and to enlighten, entertain and enrich the mind. 

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