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Genre classics and cult hits — all shot before 1985 — depict a South filled with one-lane roads that are just a wrong turn away from certain doom.

Find the best spot to be scared out of your wits this Halloween no matter what "state" you're in.

Guest post by 'Vampira' author and Charleston-based historian Scott Poole.

Get spooked at the city's most haunted cemeteries, hotels, museums and historic homes.

Last year's haunted hotels list was so popular, we decided to do it again. Here are eight more hotels offering luxury, comfort and chilling encounters with a few special guests.  The Tutwiler Hotel Birmingham, Alabama Birmingham’s first luxury hotel is celebrating its 100th year in 2014. For decades, the historic hotel served as the center of the city's political, social and business circles. Since 1914, The Tutwiler has hosted hundreds of dignitaries, politicians and celebrities, such as President Warren G. Harding and Charles Lindbergh. After falling on hard times in the 1970s, The Tutwiler closed its doors. Now relocated a few blocks over and reopened  after extensive renovations, this Hampton property is once again the epitome of Southern elegance. The hotel’s namesake, Major E.B. Tutwiler, underwrote the the mortgage and lived in the luxury apartments that were eventually transformed into hotel rooms in 1985. He also decided to stick around for the past century. His ghost has the habit of knocking on doors late at night, but when drowsy hotel guests open up no one is there. Major Tutwiler has been blamed for these late-night visits and mischief in the restaurant downstairs. The story goes that a few years ago a bartender kept getting in trouble for leaving the lights and stoves on after closing. The

As the days get darker and Southern spirits come out to play, we suggest curling up with a good mystery, whodunnit or psychological thriller.

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One of the top Halloween attractions in the country, Netherworld is open through November 3.

The Louisiana native's first book "The Blood of Heaven" takes a band of brothers across the Southern frontier and introduces us to some legendary figures in American history.

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