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Inside TurnRow Book Co.

Last night the Kimberly Brock/Grits And Soul review finished up its book tour at TurnRow Book Co. in Greenwood, Mississippi. A truly beautiful space with the touch of a professional designer, the bookstore has two levels, with books on the bottom and a cafe on top. Both levels have cozy banquette reading spaces, and local art hangs on the walls. The signing was help upstairs in the cafe and then we shopped around downstairs after, of course. Here’s a few pics from Greenwood’s literary gem, which Co-owner Kelly says she helps keep in business by meeting her customers on the street and reminding them they have books to buy.

Find out more about our booksigning adventures for Literary Friday, and remember to support an independent bookstore near you. To find out more about TurnRow Book Co., download the Deep South Literary Trail App.

Kimberly Brock at Le
Eat Your Way Across
  • Conrad Deitrick / August 15, 2012

    I would kill a man to have a bookstore here in Chicago with a “Southern Literature” section.